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Bob Jonkman's Home Page

Hey! My sister-in-law, Nicole C. Russwurm has her own Web Page!

My mugDon't tell me you liked it better before.

In other recent updates, there's a site map, Oom Fouke sent in some garden pics, and my sister-in-law Liana has a Web page for her glassmaking business. Yes. that's me, contorting to fit all of me into the picture ->  

^ Ethicom rules! I'll leave the fancy background graphics for artists, and I'll concentrate on making my Web site accessible. If I don't use a background graphic I don't have to worry about the foreground text colour, and if I don't set a foreground text colour I don't have to worry that a browser that's not set to display background graphics might have its background colour set to my foreground colour. With so much less to worry about I can fill my brain with other trivia...

^  I think it's about time I provided some content. Some time ago my father wrote out, in Dutch, many of the nursery rhymes he sang to me when I was young. I've provided the translations, and fully intend to add the music and maybe some audio files as well. If you know where I can get appropriate graphics of musical notes (preferably on a staff, suitable for stringing together) please let me know.

^  These pages were originally designed to let me practice HTML coding, but I got carried away. Now I've got pictures of my immediate family, a nice family collage, some other family pictures rescued from some old boxes, and "een gigantische meesterwerk" for my mother's 70th birthday produced by Oom Fouke and my cousin Frits Krause. Recently I've been playing with some targeted frames, and found a great way to annotate a family picture. Many thanx to Charlton D. Rosen, and Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial for inspiration and instruction.

^  I have a resume online. I'm always willing to discuss new opportunities with potential employers, either for full time employment or contract work for SOBAC Microcomputer Services. I have found it convenient (not to mention prettier) to provide a resume suitable for faxing or printing. As well, there is a resume in ASCII format for suitable for scanning.

PegasusMail Button ^ I've been busy with Pegasus Mail. If you want to help promote Pegasus Mail by placing a graphic on your Web page check out my page of Pegasus Buttons. I finally got Pegasus Mail working as an auto-responder. I'm hosting a Humour List, to which you can subscribe or unsubscribe through e-mail. Have a look and join the fun! Privacy is important (in general, not necessarily for the Humour List), so keep your e-mail secure with strong encryption. You can get my pgp key online or via e-mail.

^ Seems everyone has their favourite links online. So, me too. Here is the Netscape Bookmark file I use at home, and the Bookmark file I use at work. Note that these are updated frequently, unlike the rest of this stuff :-(

^ Hobbies & Interests

Distributed.Net bannerWhat do you know about distributed computing? Well, what I knew used to fit into a thimble. I'm currently a member of Distributed.Net where the object is to break a particular phrase encoded by RSA's RC5-64. You can check to see how well I'm doing, and if you're not already affiliated with a team I invite you to join mine, "Neighbours".

Only one non-computer hobby, really -- SCUBA diving! In 1983 I certified with Steel City Sport Divers as a Basic Open Water diver. In 1987 I got my Assistant Instructor certification, and now I'm an ACUC Open Water Instructor, certification number ACUC 903EA. Diving led to an interest in caving (but not cave diving!). I haven't been too active in either over the last few years. There was a period where we had no car (don't need one if you live in Toronto and make use of the TTC, but it makes it difficult to get to dive sites), and a young son keeps me too busy to spend weekends away from home.


In this page: [Ethicom] [Rhymes] [Family] [Resume] [Pegasus] [Links] [Hobbies]

Related pages: [Family] [Resume] [Rhymes] [Pegasus]

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